Machine scraped flooring is no substitute for genuine hand scraped flooring. This tradition dates back to the mid 18th century and has been revived by the use of machines that intend to replicate the hand scraping process. Due to the influx of Chinese made flooring, cheap labor has brought thousands of styles of hand scraped flooring in the market.

U.S. manufacturers also produce this type of flooring overseas, mostly in China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Today, there are still a handfull of U.S. manufacturers who produce genuine hand scraped flooring in the U.S., but the prices can be quite high to match a higher level of design and craftsmanship. To counter the high cost of labor to produce these floors, some companies have built “prison factories” in the U.S. and these programs have been somewhat successful at competing with lower priced importers. There are also many options for hand scraped flooring imports from European countries, to include Italy, Germany, England, and Poland.